For the Morris sisters, “Ouija” Costume Designer Mary Jane Fort balanced timeless teen looks with contemporary clothing elements. Each character’s costumes show how the girls are dealing with life after their mother has died. Read more


On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

If you've spent every Wednesday since April 30, 2004 wearing pink, you have Mary Jane Fort to thank. As the costume designer for Mean Girls, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of its release this month, Fort created the iconic wardrobes of the Plastics, Cady Heron, and the rest of the movie's cast.  Read more


The Skinny Stiletto - Look-of-the-Day

Rachel McAdams, as Regina George, is a sexy bunny, Lacey Chabert, as Gretchen Wieners, is a sexy kitten, and Amanda Seyfried, as Karen Smith, is a sexy… mouse?  DUH!  The costume designer, Mary Jane Fort, did a fantastic job outfitting the girls throughout the film and their Halloween gear was no different.  Read more


Videos featuring costume design work by Mary Jane Fort